Advanced Manufacturing Lab (AML)
#168 Wyman Park Building

Users must have completed training before any machine use, this includes F370 printers.

It is preferred that you make a reservation for Laser Cutters by using the Reservation Calendar.

You have the option of submitting your 3D print job request to using our ticket system.  Simply select Submit a Ticket. Under the “Request for” drop down menu, select 3D Print Request. You will be notified when your job is ready for pick-up.

Self-Service Machine Shop
WG25, Ground Floor, Wyman Park Building

All equipment requires prior training through WSE Manufacturing.

For tasks outside of the scope of the general shop, please contact our Professional Shop.

Reservations are required for the EDM machine.   We recommend making reservations for the mills, lathes, welding and waterjet machines by using the Reservation Calendar.

Anyone in the General Shop space must have completed our General Shop Training and have a buddy with them that has also completed the General Shop Training.

Welding/Fabrication/Assembly Area
WG30, Ground Floor, Wyman Park Building
There is a zero-tolerance policy for breaking WSE MFG Policies. If we have an issue with any user, their access will be revoked immediately. We are individually responsible for our own safety and the safety of others around us.

– Thank you