Reservation Calendar

Click here to access the Equipment Reservation Calendar

When using any of the machines in WG25, the Student Shop (except EDM) you must have another trained user in the shop with you. Your “buddy” must have completed Basic Shop Training and has access to area.

Select the link below, this will take you to our reservation calendar.  You can either reserve by selecting “Reservation Request” link at bottom of calendar or simply go to the day and time you want to reserve and drag your cursor for the allotted time you need.  Be sure to select the machine you want to reserve at the bottom under the “Resource” tab. 

You can delete your reservation by double-clicking on your reserved time. If your plans change, we ask that you cancel your reservation to allow another user to reserve the time.

All reservations are automatically confirmed unless you are contacted by WSE Manufacturing.  Trainings and maintenance will be blocked accordingly.  There may be times when we ask that you change your reservation due to these reasons.  Do not block over a two week time frame.